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Pain: "An unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage" International Academy for the Study of Pain, 1979.

Our physicians focus their practice on the diagnosis and management of your chronic painful condition. During your initial evaluation we will perform a complete history and physical examination in order to establish a differential diagnosis. We work closely with other qualified practitioners who assist us in further diagnostics such as electrophysiological testing, psychological testing and diagnostic imaging.

Occasionally, we utilize diagnostic blocks of certain areas of the body in order to include or eliminate these areas as potential pain generators.

Once a working diagnosis is established we employ a combination of treatment modalities, some of which are accomplished in our facility while others are performed at local centers and hospitals.

conditions treated

The treatment of painful conditions may include:

Low Back Pain

Facet Joint

Disc Herniations

Sacroiliac Joint

Spinal stenosis/neurogenic claudication


Degenerative Conditions

Cervical Spine Pain

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conditions treated

Pain – the first step to treatment is DIAGNOSIS

Pain Management has a primary role in the DIAGNOSIS of the source of the painful condition.

If the source of the pain is spinal, the Pain Management physician can assist in localizing the level of the spine which is the source of the pain (though this may not necessarily be where you feel your pain).

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